Training Videos

All video needs to stimulate the viewer and we are the experts at designing a video that is memorable and effective. Exactly like classroom teaching, a boring video will be easily forgotten.


We can take your basic training needs and objectives and build them into a script that will captivate a viewer. We apply exactly the same principles to Induction Videos and Education Videos.


Our training videos can be produced with inbuilt response mechanisms that can provide feedback and statistics too.

Why Choose Us?

We can make a training or education video uniquely interactive, so that a viewer can choose different outcomes (both right and wrong) and then return to main menus and try again. We write scripts, we plan with attention to detail, we film with experienced crew and we edit and provide animation if required.


Absolute pleasure working with Digital masters!! Old school morals and ethics with modern imagery and styling. Couldn't have asked for anything more from the team. Looking forward to showing everyone the finished product!

Tom Swan – Founder


3/55 MacKelvie Street,

Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021