Product Demo & Sales Videos

Demonstration videos can be a very effective marketing tool. When used creatively they can showcase the best features of your product or service, address directly questions or concerns of prospective clients or explain complicated operations in a visual manner. A Product Demonstration Video should, however, be more than just a showcase of features. It should tell a story about the problems that inspired it's creation and how you used it to solve that problem for your client.

Why Choose Us?

At Digital Masters, we are in the business of telling stories. We'll take the time to get to know you and your product or service so we have all the tools at our disposal to tell your story they way it should be told. Call us today, we'd love to hear about your project.


They were really easy to work with. The day went off without a hitch; in fact they actually came up with a lot of ideas I hadn't even thought about. The end product was really slick and it actually came in on budget as well. I think that they may done a little extra work for us as well, that wasn't actually paid for. If they did that then that's really wonderful. It just showed that they tried to step up and deliver a good quality product at the price we agreed.


Jared Pedersen – SMB Sales & Marketing Manager

Microsoft New Zealand

3/55 MacKelvie Street,

Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021