Live Events & Streaming

If you have a conference or seminar, that you need to reach a wide audience, we can help by streaming it in real time. We can also record the conference or seminar if you prefer, and either stream later with Video On Demand, or record for other means of distribution. We film in HD or 4K (UHD) video and can provide one or several cameras with live switching. Our streams can be available to a all viewers or can be targeted to a specific audience with privacy restrictions. We are an accredited provider for live video and events to ATEED.



Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to Streaming on the Internet. Anyone now days can point a phone and stream to Facebook live. What we offer is a full television broadcast quality picture and audio, we can even utilise television satellite feeds in areas where internet may be unreliable. We can also provide feeds of the event to all the major television networks or media platforms. If you want a faultless high production value live stream, give us a call.


Video is a very important element in our programmes and we use it to do a number of things. One of the first things is to initiate, to begin the programme. It's important that the context that's provided by the video really steers toward the particular point that we're working with within that programme.


What I've found with Andy and the team at Digital Masters is that they all really understand the bigger picture well. I find that I can quickly have a discussion with them, they'll grasp what we are trying to achieve in that particular setting, then come up with some new angles and new ideas that we haven't thought of.


Phil Thompson – Director

Edge Creative

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